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Slippery steps

    pose shining

         threats Feathers

              fallen from flocks

                   white with bluey

                        grey flecks An anchor

                             chained unmoved in


drifts me away

                                       on the breeze in my


Miniature waves

                                                 lap the seafront weathered

                                                      and worn

                                                       bearing the brunt


hand clasps cold old yellow

                                                     rusty rails lead me into the soft

                                                        spray From the shallow to the


deep of the salty sorbet

The Sea Witch

A mythical siren

lays slain atop an orb

Just a tail and a torso caught between it’s former world and all presently others


Her ever expanding: infinity bound

lonely cosmos knows no sound


A witch from Poseidon’s Kingdom

Swimming in a deep hue

A deep hue of purply blue

sucking everyone in and

everything through

With one eye or with more than two

Step back; scrutinise

this blistering view


Beware the fruit

of the seed

you sowed

Mental Note #11

Don’t panic

Don’t panic


Of course



            emotions are 


Don’t panic

Don’t panic


Way You Were

How nice it was to see you smile

One last glimpse of the way you were

The one day of yours I’ve dread for all mine

I thank my lucky stars for the hatchets we buried

Hearing the clock

tick tock away

I realise our finite

human display

The best and worse lost to the clay

Frittered and foul

in total decay


Restless, here

I stand then sit

Twitching, switching

the lamp unlit

A grey black darkness

with hues of warm

Scarlett screams

from the Devil's dorm

Re: incarnation

Only in death are we finished

          the finished article

Yet what we were 

          is not our only incarnation

We could’ve been

          and still could be 

          a (mystic) force for good 

In spite of the right for 

which we fail/ed to fight

Hubs of pubs seed and breed 


                    throw away comments 

                    not thrown away

But held dear, held near and 

          flung further than (ever)            before

Near Light

I write this in near light

As to gain more

Means to walk the

extremities of the space

Feel around

And while the lamp switch

Is sometimes found

It most often isn’t

Thus a blinded hand must

follow the lead

Until the switch is held and pressed

But even then it may not light:

it’s just too dim

and for another three times

I do the same and though complete

I still can’t see a fucking thing!


I wish ye well

and bid thee fare

for this be no

my burden bare

A victim of old

Fools think me not

Less I could care

While all ye rot

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