This is a non-published page for notes and reminders pertaining to Kelly.

1. DBS - no panic, very easy these days, can be sorted one way or another

2. Sing London payment owed - hopefully in a couple of weeks, check then

3. This year's Ping! schedule and what to do with my belongings - redefining the purpose of the van to sing london is very much on, as is using ping pong party parlour as before. Regarding the equipment we can find a way to vacate enough space somehow - maybe temporary storage at the cottage either creatively or otherwise

4. Logistics of me attending the Camberwell Arts Festival

5. Try and take Kelly through my exhaustive thought processes leaving me with almost no options to move forward although this would rely on my moods shifting accordingly

6. Get up to date with the rent repayments and log in the diary - Kelly will give me the two months she owes Wednesday or Thursday